Whether in academia or corporate America, beautiful Kennedy Mitchell has always stood out…as the token black person in the room. Frankly, she’s used to that. But when the company she’s temping for discovers their chance at a contract with a megastar celebrity is in peril due to lack of black representation, they make Kennedy a ten thousand dollar offer she can’t refuse. And that’s the push she needs to launch Token, a boutique PR agency that helps businesses and celebrities with their diversity needs—as well as mishaps.

That's the kind of help that handsome CEO Nate Vaughn needs when his tech company, previously named the most diverse and inclusive in the industry, is slapped with a shocking discrimination lawsuit. But when Nate goes to Kennedy for help, she's reluctant to get pulled back into his orbit due to their… complicated past.

On the heels of her refusal, a blundered press conference (she blundered it) has Kennedy offering to fake a damage-control relationship for the press. Combined with an old photo and romantic dinners, coverage of the young tech mogul and his company begins to improve. Soon, the time they're spending together starts to feel more like the real thing and less like PR.

Then a cyber hack jeopardizes the future of the agency and secrets revealed drive a wedge between the lovers. Secrets that have Kennedy trying to decide if Nate is the right man for her. The man she wants standing by her side when her world comes crashing down around her.


Coming January 3, 2023

Token Series
Book 1

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