Unforgettable You Series

Olivia and April are childhood best friends as are April and Troy. Olivia meets Rebecca in college. And then there’s that trip to Paris.   Along with the main couple, Olivia, Zach , April and Troy (not yet a couple) all take a trip to Montreal.   April and Olivia befriend Emily. They keep in touch with Mitch, Paige and their growing daughter.   Kelsey makes her first appearance as does Alex (her romantic interest) and Blake, Graham’s best friend and roommate.     Kelsey is Emily’s friend and next door neighbor in college. Part of this story’s timeline occurs in parallel with Forever With You. Release Date TBA
Olivia & Zach   Rebecca & Scott   April & Troy   Emily & Graham   Kelsey & Alex
Mitch is the college friend and football teammate of Zach and Troy   First time the Unforgettable You cast meets everyone in the Trapped series.   The Unforgettable You gang is back to attend Paige & Mitch’s bachelor/bachelorette party   Kelsey’s identical twin sister, Chelsea, is Trent’s romantic interest and the new girl in town.   You first learned about Madison, Blake’s one-night stand, in Forever With You. Now meet the bombshell beauty yourself.
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One Night Strike, He’s Out Contemporary Romance

        Erin & Josh   Chelsea & Trent     Blake & Madison
  Paige & Mitch                    

Trapped Series