The Elusive Lords Series

1852   1856   1858   1859  
Teenage identical twins Charlotte & Catherine, and also Rhys, make their first appearance.  

Thomas is James’ best friend and his friend and mentor is Amelia’s father.

  James (who is acting as Elizabeth’s guardian during her stay with them), Missy, Charlotte and Alex are very much a part of Elizabeth and Derek’s story.   Meghan and Olivia make their first appearance. Catherine meets Lucas.  
Missy and James   Amelia & Thomas   Elizabeth & Derek   Charlotte & Alex
1864   1855   1865        
Catherine, Olivia & Meghan set out to discern the faithful from the feckless. The entire Elusive Lords cast makes an appearance.   Back in the days when Missy was pining for James and Rhys was the Catch of the Century ready to take a wife.   Along with their growing families, members of the Elusive Lords series continue to make appearances at various family functions and social events.        
Catherine & Lucas           Olivia & Blake  
        Meghan and Rhys          

The Temptresses Series