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ONLY FOR YOU, 1st book in the Unforgettable You series, is on sale for $.99 from October 11 – 26!

They say there is a thin line between love and hate.
This is what happens when that line is crossed.

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Troy’s gaze narrows. “I don’t give a fuck what kind of girlfriend you are to that ass. What I want to know is what kind of friend you are to me.”

Always Been You releases October 15!

I have a firm release date for ALWAYS BEEN YOU!

You’re finally going to get April and Troy’s story. A friends-to-lovers romance. 🙂

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Excerpt ✯ Always Been You

Don’t hate me. I promise promise promise, I second I have a firm release date for this book, I will post it. In the meantime I come with a peace offering. Another excerpt. Thank you for your patience. You guys are the absolute best!

AlwaysBeenYou300x450Troy’s expression shutters as his gaze probes mine. “I didn’t know you were still hung up on Steve.”

Still? I almost laugh at that. I was never hung up on him to begin with, that was the problem. Oh, I love it that Troy thinks he has it all figured out. Steve’s the guy I dated before Colin. We went out for six months and I broke it off after we had sex.

Not. A. Coincidence.

We had sex the one time. It took him six months to get me into bed and then he starts talking about us moving in together senior year. One time. Does that really sound like a girl who’s going to shack up after dating less than a year? Not even close.

Obviously Steve wasn’t the right guy for me. I was still getting over what happened between me and you-know-who and poor Steve ended up being on the wrong end of the rebound stick. As it now stands, I’ve only had sex with one guy in two years.  Only one guy and one time—since Troy.

Sigh. I know, it’s pathetic. Which is why I need to get back on the horse and ride that bad boy into the ground, bronco style.

“Listen, Troy, I’m not talking to you about my love life, ’kay?” I cross my arms over my chest, a clear indication that the subject is closed. Permanently.

When and who I have sex with is none of his business, I don’t care how long we’ve been friends. We crossed a never-should-have-been-crossed line in our friendship twice—three times if you count today—but that shit’s not going to happen again. That’s a lesson I had to learn the hard way…Troy Ridgewood style.

What’s that saying? Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, you caught me at a weak moment when I thought you’d come to your senses and realized how much you wanted to be with me. But fool me any time after that and I’ll pull up my big-girl panties, bend over, and take the well-deserved, hard kick in the ass like a woman.

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Excerpt ☆ Always Been You

Unedited Excerpt

Expected Release Date – December 31, 2014

“So you and April have been friends for, how long?”

Melissa asks the question as if she doesn’t know the answer. Believe me, she does. This is the her third time she’s asked. Not a bright girl if she can’t subtract five from twenty. That’s basic math.

I give her the look. You know the one that says I’m not entertaining her insecurities tonight. Lately it seems that’s all I’ve been dealing with. We’ve gone out four times and her true colors are beginning to show. And it’s an unflattering green.

“Look, I didn’t know she was going to be here, alright?” My voice is low and tight, and my gaze doesn’t stray from her blue eyes even though I forcibly have to restrain myself from glancing over to the table where April and her idiot boyfriend are sitting near the back corner of the restaurant.

Melissa gives me this wide-eyed, who-me look. “What? I was just asking.”

Yeah, right. Just asking my ass.

I turn my attention back to the dessert menu on the table in front of me. I’m done with the conversation.

My reprieve—the silence between us—barely lasts ten seconds before she hits me again. This time with, “So you guys never…?” She allows the flailing motion of her hands to fill in what she’s too uncomfortable to say in public.

Very slowly, I raise my gaze from the menu back to hers. She’s as attentive as I’ve ever seen her while trying and failing to pull off the I’m-just-curious look.

“Have we ever what?” I ask quietly. The warning note in my voice is meant to nip the inquisition in the bud. It doesn’t work.

“Had sex,” she whisper after taking quick look around.

From the moment I first introduced Melissa to April, I knew this question was coming. Every girl I’ve ever gone out with has asked it at one time or another. But two years ago I could answer it honestly without pissing the girl off. These days, I’m screwed either way. Lying sucks–and I suck at it–and telling the truth is the beginning of a living hell.

No relationship can survive that. Hell that is. Why do you think me and my high school girlfriend broke up?

She’s named after the month of a year and she’s 5’9″ and more gorgeous than anyone has a right to be.

To this day, my best friend doesn’t have a clue that she’s been like kryptonite to every relationship I’ve ever been in.

And if I have anything to do with it, she never will.