So a little about me. I wanted to be a romance author ever since I can remember. Lucky for me, years after I read my first romance (Harlequin Presents - No Gentle Possession by Anne Mather) my mother got a job at the Harlequin main office in Don Mills Ontario. Suddenly, I was flush with books.

But writing soon took a back seat to college and settling into my IT career. Then a couple years after my son was born, the itch returned ten-fold and I decided to enter Avon’s Fanlit writing contest. Before I knew it, I was trying my hand at writing a historical, which up to that point, I’d read but didn’t believe I could actually write.

A Whisper of Scandal was the first book I ever finished and it was published in 2010 by Kensington Publishing. And the rest, as they say, is history. I’m currently a full-time writer, although I still utilize my tech skills a lot. I also design covers and websites (designing covers is part of the author services I offer) and manage Smitten by Books Reviews website and blog.

My son is now a teenager and we recently relocated back to Canada (I should say I relocated back as this is my son’s first time living here) so I’m not quite settled yet. Don’t ask me where I’ll be when he goes off to college in a few years.

Some of my favorite authors right now are Vi Keeland, Sherry Thomas (historical romance), Lucy Parker and Elle Kennedy. They’re all pretty much instant buys for me and I’m always on the lookout for more to add to the list.

I’m currently being represented by Kevan Lyon at Marsal & Lyon Literary Agency.

Q: Is Charlotte’s maid from An Heir of Deception going to get her own book?

A: I may write a novella for Jillian because she does find love as is hinted in Twice the Temptation.

Q: Is Graham’s roommate Blake going to get his own book since it looks like Forever With You is the last book in the series? Is it the last book in the series?

A: Blake will be getting his own book but I’m not sure whether I’m going to tack another book to the series or start a new one and make his book the first book in that one.

Q: Do you still plan to write adult contemporary romances?

A: Yes! Stay tuned.

Q: When is your next historical coming out? I feel like I've been waiting for Meghan and Rhys's book forever! :(

A: I know, I’m not one of those authors who can crank out 4+ books in a year. Last year (2018) in particular was a year of huge challenges and changes. The truth is, I've been writing so many contemporary romances, I've temporarily lost my historical voice. I'm praying it comes back soon. Thank you kindly for your patience.

Q: Is Emily’s friend Kelsey going to get her own book? And if so, will the hero be Alex, the guy she was going out with in Forever With You?

A: :) Yes Kelsey (and her twin sister Chelsea) will get their own books. Kelsey’s book will be titled Virgins Need Not Apply and will feature Alex as the hero. Chelsea’s love interest is going to be Trent, whom readers first met in The Trap and/or Trapped, and their book is titled Burned.