News Alert – A Wicked Temptation

This is the kind of news I never wanted to have to share.

But it’s with a heavy heart that I’m telling my historical fans that I’m postponing the release of A Wicked Temptation and The Road to Temptation (prequel) indefinitely.

My aim is to always put out quality work not only for myself but because it’s what you (readers) deserve. I’m not going to put out anything less than that. I’ve tried hard to figure out what the problem is and I’ve concluded I’m not in the right head space to write a historical right now. I’ve been spinning my wheels on this for a long time now and getting nowhere. So I’m going to put it aside and work on something else.

I know many of you will be very disappointed, and I sincerely apologize for that. I wish I could deliver the book you deserve right now but I’ve been fooling myself for months that I’ll be able to do that any time soon.

I can’t say when I’ll get the book released, but when it happens, I’ll just send a note to let you know it’s out. No forewarning. At least that way you know you can read right then.

I hope you understand.



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  1. I cant express how sad I’m right now, was so looking forward for this book, so with a heavy heart I wish you luck in over coming this block you are having with this story. you are one of my favorite author, your historical books is such a joy to read.
    hoping to see my email soon

  2. thats sad, i was looking forward to more historical romances from you, you are one of my favourite authors, i hope that you will be able to continue with these in the not to far future.

    good luck


  3. Aww man, I have been checking every month for a release date. I am really sad to hear such news, but i shal wait for your work. I do love your historical romance. Wish you luck

  4. I need to know what happens between Rhys and Meghan. Your series always makes me feel like part of whatever family I am reading about. You are truly talented and I hope to find out soon about my favorite Elusive Lords.

  5. I too was so looking forward to this book, but I can understand. It will come when it is ready. You so great work. The Elusive Lords will not remain elusive for ever

  6. I downloaded book 2.5 from the elusive lords weeks ago because it was free. When I read the previews I had to purchase the other three books in the series. I finished all the books within a week. I couldn’t wait to get home and read more. I am new to your books, but I was so absorbed that I puchased twice the temptation. Then I saw the publishing dates on the books and wondered why the last one was 2013 and got excited when I saw the next one was to be released this year, only to come onto the website and see they are postponed. I am sad for the postponement, but I understand the need for change. I hope to soon see the next installment of the series published.

  7. You are my absolute favorite. I know how it feels to don’t feel the spark when writing.but no worries in a few weeks it will be back guaranteed.i will wait how long it takes .your one of those authors who make people feel like there in the book itself. So thank you for your hard work.hope you feel better.

  8. I have been looking for this title for ages. Completely baffled about why I could not purchase it. I understand your difficulties and hope you will overcome them. You are an excellent author. I feel your character are human and so alive. I love historicals and this series is so interesting. Yes i seldom praise books so much as there are lots of rubbish writing out there and you are so skilled at giving us readers high quality and extremely well written stories. Please don’t give up we shall wait as long as you need.Thank you your work is much appreciated please give this story of Meghan and Rhys.

  9. Dear Bev,
    I am absolutely devastated to read that you are planning to postpone the release of the next two novels in the series. I have only recently found you as a writer and have already bought and enjoyed reading your other historical novels. I had wondered why l could not find the novels to download to my Kindle! I only read historical novels and have found you to be an excellent writer and in the same league as many of the popular and well known present day writers. I do sincerely hope that in time you will reconsider your decision and find the inspiration and desire to write them. I shall await any news with hope.
    Best wishes Chris

  10. Like the previous posters I too downloaded the 2.5 elusive lords book and got lost in it that I had to go back and purchase the other ones to read and I loved every single book. It was such a great series to just get lost in. I am sorry to hear you will not be putting out the other books I was so looking forward to Meghan and Rhys story they were catching my interest with the the heated tension. I hope you find whatever you need to help past this block. You were the first author who’s history romance I love and just could not put down even if it meant staying up till 2am (one a work night haha) to finish the last 100 pages. Best wishes

  11. Hi…it’s 2017 so happy new year and merry Christmas as well. Just wanted to know that do have any regarding this series in the near future. Thanks

  12. Hi…it’s 2017 so happy new year and merry Christmas as well. Just wanted to know that do have any plans regarding this series in the near future. Thanks

  13. I love all your books. I hope you find you find your place and continue the series soon!! I have been waiting to see what happens!! I shall wait in eager anticipation. I love your writing style and have read your books 3-4 times and even had to order them for my personal collection. Good luck with writing!! You will rock at anything you write.

  14. Dear Beverly
    I am new to your work , I dicovered your great series the elusive lords and The Temptresses Series, God i read all that is there in a week. I loved it though hope not to dissapoint you , the Heir of deception a couldn’t read it , i went ahead to find the drama and couldn’t come to start it , I loved Amelia and Thomas ( my favorite ) and the Twice the temptation ( Catherine and Lucas ). I felt like you wanted to pair Patrick with Jillian, my heart felt for Ms SHepley , I felt she was the big loser without intention , I hope you made her an opportunity to HEA if not with Patrick with other , in your book you are generous withCatherine and all her transgresions why not with poor Ms Shepley. I just feel that pairing Patrick with Jillian will not feel true to the time , Is it too much to hope for a book for Caroline and Wakefield ( do not remember his exact name )
    as you can see I enjoyed your books. Can’t wait for your next one

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